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Hiking Bucegi Mountains

Hiking Bucegi Mountains – the cradle of Romanian mountain tourism

Hiking Bucegi Mountains – Of all the mountains in Romania, the Bucegi Mountains are perhaps the most spectacular when viewed from the Prahova Valley. Massive and solid, with dizzying steeps supporting a huge alpine plateau, these mountains are considered the cradle of Romanian mountain tourism.

If you are passionate about mountain hiking, you can choose one of the routes included in the Hiking Bucegi Mountains package. You can choose beginner, intermediate or advanced trails. The Bucegi Mountains offer everyone access to its peaks. Some hikes are suitable even for the little ones.

Vama Strunga fossil site – a special place waiting for you to visit

Strunga Pass is on the main tourist trail that connects the Ialomița Valley (Cabana Padina) and Bran (Șimon). The scenery here is particularly beautiful, from above you can admire the Craiului ridge, the peaks leading from Bucegi to Leaota, the Bran and Brasov regions.

Hiking Bucegi MountainsNear Șaua Strunga, under the Strungile Mici mountain, is the Vama Strunga fossiliferous site, a scientific reserve situated at an altitude of 1 950m, which protects a succession of rocks 40-50m thick. These limestones are home to one of the most important associations of marine fauna of the Middle Jurassic period in Romania, consisting of over 150 species.

Hiking Bucegi Mountains could be a unique adventure for you

Bucegi Natural Park is a complex habitat that is home to around 3 500 species of animals. Species such as the Carpathian newt and the yellow-bellied owl, as well as deer, wolves, bears, lynxes and grouse, stand out. In the high cliff area you can also find a special bird, the rock butterfly. In the steep areas and on the alpine plateau, black goats can be found.

About 35% of the park’s area is occupied by 14 highly protected nature reserves, the largest being the Prahovian Steep, covering about 3 500 hectares. Within the strictly protected areas there are 46 nature monuments (waterfalls, springs, caves, avens, gorges, towers, fangs, arches, cliffs, chimneys, glacial cirques and fossil points), most of geomorphological importance.

If you are still thinking and waiting for a suitable mountain route, you can consider Hiking Bucegi Mountains. They are full of magic, with special landscapes that will leave you breathless. Even literally, sometimes, as its soaring peaks often get a rarefied oxygen.

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